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Integrated Nano-Technologies

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The Challenge

Cito Medical was engaged to re-design and develop the next version of the portable diagnostic system for point-of-care DNA detection. The new device needed to be portable and have a robust design that allowed for rapid point-of-care diagnostics. It was important that the device was battery operable so it could be used in remote locations where the power grid may be unstable and had both Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity for automatic transfer of test results to a cloud database. Additionally, the client requested that the device have NFC read and write capability on disposable cartridges for patient and result tracing.


Detailed Services

  • Design for Diagnostic System, Injection Molding, Heat sealing and Staking
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • PCB design + layout
  • Automation Design
  • Tool + Fixture Design
  • Custom Gear Train Design
  • Ultrasonic Horn and Circuit Design
  • Assembly Tool Design
  • Tools and procedure for calibrating PCR heaters
  • Engineering Documentation Package
  • Chip Wire Bonding Process
  • Thermal Flow Simulation
  • Industrial Design + Human Factors
  • Process Development
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Manufacturing


The Outcome

In less than a year Cito upgraded our prototype design of this point-of-care system to a reliable, easy to assemble product ready for manufacturing.  

Ultimately, a unique system was created that used modular, click-in-place subassemblies, and a robust electrical design with board-to-board PCB connections and minimal cable connections. The custom heater and driver met the PCR heating and cooling ramp rate specifications, and upgrades were made to the patented high-volume consumable cartridge.

Cito delivered 20 functional prototypes for biological testing in order to meet finding milestones. 

To read about the design of the adaptable microfluidics consumable that is used with the Palladium, click here

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