QWhat Does Cito Medical Do?

Cito Medical is a product development company (aka design house). Our engineers design and develop biotech and medical devices for our clients.

QHow is Cito Medical compensated for its work?

We are paid on a time and materials basis.

QHow does Cito Medical communicate with its clients?

During a project, we hold regular (typically weekly) meetings with clients. We also keep all documentation available to our clients 24 hours a day. Additionally, we are available via email or telephone to discuss our client’s questions and ideas as needed.

QWho owns a design created by Cito Medical?

Our clients retain all intellectual property rights to the designs.

QDoes Cito Medical have a quality system that will help with FDA approval?

We follow the standards of ISO 13485.

QWhy Cito Medical?

We have a nimble workforce to closely support our clients, providing focused, personal attention and the ability to work quickly, unfettered by corporate red tape. Our team develops and tests prototypes swiftly to reach the optimum design sooner and with greater certainty. We don’t just build devices; we build devices that work. Clients see measurable results, continual improvement, and innovative products they’re ready to take to market.